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Your employees are among your company’s most important assets. To attract and retain the best talent, you provide them with benefits in keeping with your competitors.

With an innovative life insurance program offered through our agency, you can provide an optional benefit to your workers at a low cost to them and no out-of-pocket cost to you. Through the convenience of payroll deduction of premiums, your employees gain additional financial security and you enjoy easy administration and no regulatory compliance.

Business Life Insurance


Many U.S. households need life insurance As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to deepen your employees’ commitment to your business by providing them with a needed benefit option. In its 2017 Insurance Barometer annual study, LIMRA reported:

70% of households say they need life insurance, yet only 59 percent of them own any, and of those, more than 20 percent say they don’t have enough coverage

39% wish their spouses or partners had more life insurance and another 12% don’t know how much coverage their spouses or partners have

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43% of households without life insurance would have immediate trouble paying their living expenses if they lost their primary wage earner; even among those with insurance, more than half would feel the impact of the loss within six months.

As an employee, you can purchase life insurance for yourself, your spouse, dependents and grandchildren at the cost and amount of coverage you choose through our simple and flexible payroll deduction program. Guarantees for your family. Guaranteed Issue offers coverage to your immediate family without a medical exam or questions.

Continuous coverage at locked-in rates

These policies belong to you, so even if you no longer work for your present employer, you can continue the policies simply by continuing to pay your premiums.

In order to offer this program to your employees without medical tests or health-related questions, the following is required:

• Groups with 15 or more eligible employees qualify

• One-on-one meetings with all eligible employees

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